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5 Educational Cooking Games for Your Child

In a world that we are living today, lack of physical activity, obesity, and other health issues are the main concern of many doctors and nutritionists. Developing healthy eating habits is of the utmost importance and these habits are best developed in youth. It is quite normal for children to be more interested in their games than in nutrition and cooking healthy food, but do not worry because there are great educational cooking games out there to help you with that exact problem.

  1. Cooking Mama Let’s Cook!

boy 300x199 - 5 Educational Cooking Games for Your ChildEverybody knows that a home cooked meal is the best there is – and this game teaches your children how to make their own meals that all moms and dads out there can be proud of. Cooking Mama Let’s Cook is available both for Android and iOS and it includes about 30 healthy recipes that your child can prepare. More than that, your child is responsible for harvesting or collecting the needed food, and also serving it in their restaurant.

  1. Toca Kitchen 2

If you are familiar with the predecessor of this game, Toca Kitchen 1, you will be pleased to know that the sequel is even better. This game is great for children who do not want to simply follow someone’s recipes and instead want to be more free and creative in the kitchen. Your children can be as experimental with their dishes as they want, and they will receive a variety of genuine reactions from their guests. It teaches your child that cooking can be a fun and inventive process where they can express their creativity.

  1. Dora the Explorer: Dora’s Cooking Club for Nintendo DS

computer game 300x184 - 5 Educational Cooking Games for Your ChildUsing a cartoon character to teach young children new things is a great tool because they will actually enjoy it, and Dora the Explorer is one of the characters children love the most. Dora’s Cooking Club is ideal for preschoolers because while they prepare their meals, Dora will also teach them shapes, patterns, math, and measurement skills. Cooking and learning simultaneously won’t feel like a chore anymore!

  1. Restaurant Dash: Gordon Ramsay

Professional chefs are becoming celebrities these days, and even children know and love Gordon Ramsay and his shows. He has reached his stardom by helping young chefs in their goal of becoming professionals and making the best dishes possible. This game allows your child to be taught by chef Ramsay and to improve their culinary skills just like the contestants do on his show. Restaurant Dash: Gordon Ramsay is free to play for both Android and iOS users.

  1. Nicolas’ Garden

Nicolas’ Garden game 300x200 - 5 Educational Cooking Games for Your ChildThis is another one of the educational games that can teach your child about healthy choices and how to implement them in their lives. Nicolas is a creative 8-year-old who can encourage your children to cook and make them excited about healthy food and recipes. Your children can prepare their own grocery lists before you take them shopping and discover how fun cooking can be with some easy-to-use recipes that Nicolas is going to give them.