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How to do a juice cleanse properly

Many people would agree that going on a diet is not an easy decision to make and it is even more difficult to stick to it. That is why everyone should choose the most suitable diet for their body and their lifestyle. A juice cleanse is one of the options you should take into consideration.

What is a juice cleanse?

smoothies juices 300x199 - How to do a juice cleanse properlyA juice cleanse is a type of diet during which you only consume juices made from either fruit or vegetables for a period of time in order to rid your body of toxins. Many people, however, combine it with making a copious amount of smoothies. Smoothies are not juices because the process of making a smoothie does not include removing the pulp or fiber in the fruit or vegetables while juicing them does.

Pros and cons of a juice cleanse

There are many arguments for and against a juice cleanse. Since during this diet you consume a limited amount of nutrients and a limited amount of calories, following this diet for an extended period of time is not a good idea. Fruit contains a lot of carbs, and since the juicing process rids the fruit or vegetables of many nutrients, you are basically left with a high amount of carbs. In addition, studies have shown that cleansing your body this way for too much time might lead to kidney damage since some fruits contain oxalate, an acid that can lead to some kidney problems.

vegetable juices 300x171 - How to do a juice cleanse properlyHowever, if you follow this diet in moderation, you will experience all its benefits. The purpose of this diet is not simply losing your weight, but detoxing your body. Juices made from appropriate ingredients are high in minerals and vitamins, which can help your digestive system and can boost your immune system. In addition, studies have shown that certain minerals and vitamins can help clear your skin.

How to do a juice cleanse properly?

First of all, before you start your cleanse, you should make sure that you prepare your body for it. About three days prior to starting the cleanse you should avoid caffeinated drinks, alcohol and processed food. If you skip this step, your body will be in a state of shock when you suddenly switch to feeding it juices.

juice 300x219 - How to do a juice cleanse properlySecond, you should make sure that you make a plan what juices you want to include in your cleanse. You should control your calorie intake and check the nutrients. Don’t go for fruit only. You should make sure that you include some vegetables as well.

Last, you should keep in mind that this diet should not be followed for an extended period of time. A maximum of three days should be your goal.