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The most expensive watermelons in the world

We all like to have entertainment in our lives. Some people like to have fun online, looking for Best Online Bingo Offers or for a new IMDB review, while others find fun in looking for luxury goods, be it online, or, let’s say in a thrift store. Well, luxury goods are something that has attracted people’s attention all around the world, and food is no exception to this. For people with considerable income, experimenting with exotic food is not a problem. Even if they don’t like the taste of the food, the experience itself, though pricey, is worth it.

square watermelons Japan 300x260 - The most expensive watermelons in the worldThe price of food depends on various factors, some of which may be a bit tricky to understand. It may come as a surprise that some food, which is usually considered commonplace, can cost an arm and a leg. In fact, there are curiously looking square watermelons primarily produced in Japan that are quite expensive. As they grow, these watermelons take the shape of the cage they are grown in. People who have bought them say they are quite convenient to store in the fridge, and that they look funny. However, these watermelons are not the most expensive of their kind.

Densuke watermelons

Densuke watermelons fall into the category of one of the most expensive foods in the world. They are grown in the cold climate of the second largest island in Japan, Hokkaido.

Characteristics of Densuke watermelons

Hokkaido 300x225 - The most expensive watermelons in the worldWhat makes Densuke watermelons so special is that they are only produced in Hokkaido, which has long and cold winters not so suitable for growing fruits or vegetables. However, once the time is right and the weather is warm enough, these watermelons start to grow. Densuke watermelons are quite sensitive to weather changes and need to be grown in specific soil conditions. They need about 85 – 95 days to grow ripe once a year and their weight is usually around 17 pounds.

Speaking of the taste, experts say that what makes Densuke watermelons so unique is the extra sweetness of the inside, the crunchy texture and the lack of seeds which are normally present in regular watermelons. The color inside is a bit lighter shade of pink, whereas, on the outside, they feature a specific dark color. People who have tasted these watermelons say that they are not much different from the regular ones, except the fact that the Densuke watermelons are less soggy.  

The price of Densuke watermelons

Japanese cube Watermelon 300x290 - The most expensive watermelons in the worldThese watermelons have reached the highest price of any watermelon ever sold. The average price of Densuke watermelons is around 250 US dollars, but these watermelons are only grown in Hokkaido, which makes them rare and increases their price. An interesting fact is that some of these watermelons have been sold on auctions for about 6,000 US dollars and more. However, their sales have not been successful everywhere in the world. A certain number of these watermelons have been exported to Canada, but they have not been received very well, probably because of their high price and the unusual appearance.

If you are interested in trying to grow these special watermelons yourself, there are a few things to consider. Apart from the particular conditions they need to grow, it is quite hard to get the seeds of this fruit, and, as you might have guessed already, the price of the seeds is also quite high. It can be around 6,100 US dollars for 10 seeds.

If you can afford to taste something that not so many people have had a chance to, Densuke watermelons may just be your cup of tea.