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Top 5 Cooking Games Of 2019

With the rise of cooking shows and professional chefs, cooking has become one of the most popular hobbies out there. People are getting increasingly interested in new cuisines, recipes, and exotic ingredients, and more enthusiastic when it comes to preparing food. However, more often than not, our busy schedules are getting in the way of our hobbies, so we turn to the next best thing – cooking games. You cannot use JBO奖金 bonus code for them, but they are also becoming more advanced each season and there is a range of different types of cooking games to choose from, depending on whether you enjoy running a restaurant, competing in cook-offs or simply perfecting a recipe.

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World Chef

This is currently one of the most popular cooking games and its big appeal comes from the fact that it features around 20 different cuisines. If your goal in life is to travel the world, visit various countries and try different food, this is the perfect game for you. It is fun and engaging, but it is also very educational. It offers helpful advice and tips for anyone who plans on opening a restaurant and a crash course in the food of many nationalities.  

Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Everyone loves pizza, right? The quick rise of this game surely confirms that. Good Pizza, Great Pizza is a game that gives its players a lot of freedom to make their pizzas, but also an added difficulty of running their own pizza place. The creator of this game had a lot of experience making and selling pizzas for four years, so he knew just how difficult that can be. He definitely succeeded in bringing that experience into this game, so don’t expect it to be easy.

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Cooking Adventure

This one is one of the more complex cooking games out there – Cooking Adventure offers its players more than 550 levels to explore and about 13 different cuisines to focus on depending on what kind of a restaurant you want to run. You will have to be consistent with playing this game and don’t forget to regularly update your appliances, although, we doubt that this will ever be a problem considering how addictive this game can be. It is so good that you won’t stop playing it.

Stand O’Food 3

Stand O’Food 3 is a game where you act both as a cook and as a server. Your job is to serve the correct burger to a hungry customer and not to make any mistakes. The gameplay is pretty simple – the guests tell you exactly what kind of a burger they want and you are supposed to make it. Depending on how accurate and how fast you are you will receive rewards that you can later use to upgrade your restaurant.

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Cooking Fever

Another highly popular game of 2019 is Cooking Fever and we can definitely see why. This game lets you choose between 20 places around the globe where you can learn different cooking techniques. It also allows its users to play with a great number of ingredients and tools to make delicious dishes for their guests and get them motivated to cook in real life too.