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Top Restaurants Every Sports Fan Should Visit

For a true sports fan eating out at the right place can mean the difference between a good meal and a great meal. Of course, if one is watching a game, and their team wins, chances are they will be in a good mood. Furthermore, if they used their Sports Interaction referral code to bet on their team, they will be ecstatic. However, a game will not always be on when you eat at the restaurant, and even if it is, there is no guarantee that you will like the outcome. It is for that reason that you should find a perfect sports theme place to enjoy your meal, regardless of whether a game is on TV or not. Here are some of the top places you should try:


food meal 300x163 - Top Restaurants Every Sports Fan Should VisitYou will love this place even before you enter, as the exterior looks like a stadium, which surely any sports fan will immediately appreciate. The items on the menu are also sports references, and the place is filled with 60 high definition flat screens. You can order salads, sandwiches, pizza, pasta, burgers, grilled fish, and you can even order sushi.

Murray Bros. Caddyshack

Do you know Bill Murray, the actor? Well, he is the owner of this place, partially. Bill and his brother Brian Doyle teamed up and opened Murray Bros. Caddyshack, an awesome restaurant located in St. Augustine. If it is not obvious already, the place is named after the movie Caddyshack. The interior is decorated with lawn mowers, kegs, pails, and rakes, and the menu is riddled with puns that any movie fan will recognize. So, make sure you give this place a visit and try some of their amazing “Sandwedges.”

18° Neighborhood Grill

hockey 300x156 - Top Restaurants Every Sports Fan Should VisitHockey fans and anyone who doesn’t mind eating while hockey sticks are hanging above their head should visit 18° Neighborhood Grill. The restaurant overlooks the “Ice Den,” an iconic stadium of Phoenix Coyotes, and it is a perfect place to watch hockey games. Feel free to order meals such as Angry Chicken pizza, Italian Job or “Zeppolies.”

Quaker Steak & Lube

George Warren III along with Gary Meszaros started the restaurant chain back in 1974, and now there are over 30 Quaker Steak & Lube places in 15 states in the U.S. The idea was to rescue muscle cars, vintage trucks, and antique motorcycles, and give them a place of permanent residence. Since this is the case, old bikes are used as decoration and are hung on the restaurant ceiling. Moreover, this is a perfect place for the road warriors to test their mettle, as you can eat hot wings that range from 90 to 500,000 Scoville Units.  

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

cooking figure 300x285 - Top Restaurants Every Sports Fan Should VisitHockey, baseball, football, and car racing are all typical sports, so why not go with something more exotic or more Medieval to be precise. Jousting is also a sport, and here at Medieval Times, there will be plenty of it for your entertainment. The competitors are donning authentic knight attires, and the restaurant itself is in a stone wall castle. If you want to throw a Game of Thrones themed party this is the place to go definitely. Luckily the menu was spared from undergoing Medieval transformation, so you will be able to enjoy oven-roasted chicken, spare ribs, tomato bisque, garlic bread, herb-roasted potatoes, etc.