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Weird foods around the world

Whatever country you decide to visit, you will have a chance to try out its traditional dishes which make the local cuisine different from others. There are a lot of delicious specialties that are well-known around the world, but some countries have certain foods that make many people wonder how it is possible that someone could eat them. Of course, these foods are part of their culture, meaning that for local people there is nothing unusual about them. However, from our point of view, these dishes seem a little weird. To be clear, it cannot be said that these dishes are bad in any sense, they are simply unusual.

Asian weird food

grasshoper insect 300x170 - Weird foods around the worldMost of you are familiar with the fact that insects, even though you may not like them or think they are nothing but trouble, are the main ingredients of popular meals in different countries. For example, in Taiwan, local people like to eat Jing Leed or grasshoppers. Nothing is better than pan-fried, spiced grasshoppers with a bit of salt, right? Apparently, this food tastes like popcorn.

If you prefer fried spiders instead, you should visit Cambodia. They are certainly meatier than fried grasshoppers but with more surprises in the abdomen, too.

fugu sushi japanese food 300x259 - Weird foods around the worldJapan is quite famous for unusual dishes, especial those containing fish. You can eat tuna eyeballs, which sounds and looks pretty scary, but is actually said to taste really good and it should be tried by everyone who gets a chance. The weirdest Japanese dish is probably fugu fish, which, if not prepared properly, can be lethal. Fugu is served only by chiefs who have been drilled to perfection and knowing how disciplined and careful Japanese people are, there is no reason to worry. Fugu is something that those of you who are more adventurous should definitely try out.

If you go to China, you will have an opportunity to try out some quite interesting dishes, such as turtle soup or a century-old egg. You can also taste a dish called Dragon in the Flame of Desire, which is actually a roasted yak’s penis.

But one of the weirdest meals ever made is actually from the Philippines and it has a very simple name, Balut. It is a duck embryo boiled alive in its shell, and it looks exactly like that. It may sound gross, but it’s a common meal in the Philippines and is served in the streets. It is an amazing experience for those who are open-minded and want to try everything.

Australian weird food

witchetty grubs 300x200 - Weird foods around the worldWhen it comes to unusual dishes, Australia is among the top countries. There you can find dishes with insects like witchetty grubs, large wood-eating larvae of various moths, or with crocodile meat since crocodiles are quite common there. Australia’s favorite, kangaroo meat, of course, can be served in various forms like sausages or burgers. It contains a small amount of fat and a very high amount of protein which makes it quite healthy.

European weird food

European countries are less creative when it comes to weird food. However, we should not forget famous French dishes such as frog legs or steak tartare.

If you are thinking about going on a tour around the world in order to find the weirdest meals, be sure not to miss these countries.