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3 Ways to Make Food Prep an Exciting Game

”I don’t have enough time” or ”I don’t like cooking” are usually the reasons people use as excuses not to cook during the week. It is more convenient to eat out instead of cooking at home, but eating out every day can also become an unhealthy habit, and an expensive one. That is why food prepping has become a popular ritual for all those who want to eat healthier but do not want to cook every day. Cooking doesn’t seem as daunting as before when you make it into a fun and exciting game that you can even look forward to.    

  1. Make it into a race

cooking 300x232 - 3 Ways to Make Food Prep an Exciting GameIf you are a person who does well under pressure, then something like a timer that is going to measure your food prep time can be a good idea for you. You can even make a bigger challenge out of it by pretending that you are in a race and that you have to beat your previous score. After all, there isn’t one great cooking show without that time pressure element – that is why they are so interesting to watch. If you have that competitive spark in you, you can do this with a family member to see who is going to be faster.

  1. Try out new cuisines

Food prep can also become a more interesting habit when you try out new recipes and new cuisines. You can imagine you are in a cooking contest again, but this time, you will be both a contestant and the judge.  Pick a theme for each day of the week and stick with that plan. Every day you can give a certain number of stars to the cuisine you are trying out that day depending on how much you enjoyed it. By the end of the week, you can see which cuisines are going to the next round. After a couple of weeks, you will have a winner and a new favorite cuisine.

  1. Make a party out of it

cook kitchen 300x234 - 3 Ways to Make Food Prep an Exciting GameIf you are just looking to make your food prepping time more enjoyable and exciting, there isn’t a better way than to make it into a party. You can play some uplifting music and dance around your kitchen while you prepare your favorite meals. If you invited some of your friends over, or maybe your family members decide to join you, even better! This way, cooking won’t be another chore you need to finish that day, but a fun experience for you and those around you, that is both relaxing and fun, and will definitely put you in a better mood.