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How Foodstagramming Changed Our Eating Habits

Before social networks were popular, companies, merchants and artisans, advertised their services mostly via TV, radio, and newspaper. Not that those marketing tactics are no longer present, but digital marketing has a more significant impact. Considering how digital marketing has evolved and gravitates towards more engaging and easy to consume content, it should come as no surprise that the number of food videos has spiked over the past few years. Similar to how many physical shops immigrated to the online realm, offering generous discounts upon signing up, or even casinos, offering a wide variety of best slot sites, it really is no wonder how all other industries found their way online.

Today we have so many image filters, and video editing apps that it is easy to create a captivating image or a video of a meal, and deliver instructions on how to make it. Of course, this is not the only reason why our eating habits have changed. Here we will explore all the factors that have influenced our daily lives and changed how we prepare or order our food.   

More Food Vendors

lunch 300x200 - How Foodstagramming Changed Our Eating HabitsFood vendors are now way more widespread than back in the day. Many factors contributed to this change. First, food vendors can market their product using budget-friendly tactics. Second, using online data more demographics are available, and we can know with more certainty just what kind of food sells more. Therefore food vendors can open their shop and pick a food niche that will be more impactful on a particular neighborhood.

Considering how vendors also want to be competitive, they are continually improving their service and menu options. So, nowadays when you are thinking of what you can eat there will undoubtedly be 5 or 6 options nearby that prepare the type of food you like.

It is also worth mentioning that food is ordered way more accessible nowadays since all it takes is a few touches on your smartphone app. So, it should come as no surprise that people eat more frequently today, as delicious food is so accessible.  

More easy to follow recipes

sandwiches computer laptop 300x262 - How Foodstagramming Changed Our Eating HabitsIn addition to more food vendors, our eating habits were affected by the food recipes we see online. Today, even someone who thinks of themselves as a lazy person can find an easy to follow a recipe for a delicious meal. These continuously pop up in your social media feed, either as a sponsored video, or an Instagram story for example. Back in the day, if you wanted to find an easy-to-cook meal, you would have to open the dusty cookbook, or even browse different websites before you can find the recipe that is compatible with your lifestyle, However, nowadays, these recipes fall into your lap.  

Better appliances

Finally, there are more appliances today that help us prepare food quicker. Those same appliances are not expensive and can be ordered online, so a modern kitchen contains lots of these handy gadgets that make it convenient for us to cook. Not only that but the latest trend is known as augmented reality kitchen can encourage anyone to learn how to cook. The augmented kitchen relies on gamification to turn cooking into a more engaging and exciting activity.  

All of the factors mentioned above played an essential role in the change in our eating habits. We are more likely to prepare our meals and to order food nowadays. Moreover, new food trends are constantly emerging, and we want to try something new, which is why we are no longer eating just because we are hungry, we are eating to feed our curiosity as well.