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Can You Learn How To Cook In Augmented Reality Kitchens?

By this point, we are all used to being surrounded by technology everywhere we go and using betting apps instead of going to a bookmaker, or streaming a movie at home instead of going to the cinema has become a normal thing for all of us. We have always relied on technology to fill our gaps in knowledge, skill, mobility, and health, so, it was only a matter of time when the digitalization would work its way into our kitchen to the point where it becomes a personal cooking trainer. An augmented kitchen can help us improve our cooking through gamification of the whole process. However the entire concept is quite new, so we have to ask ourselves if “the rumors are true?”

Here we will explore the current capabilities of augmented reality kitchen, and go over the things it can and cannot do. Hopefully, we will be able to ascertain whether it can help chef novices achieve mastery in their passion.

What Is Augmented Reality Kitchen?  

iPad 220x300 - Can You Learn How To Cook In  Augmented Reality Kitchens?Augmented reality kitchen relies on apps and devices to help you keep your fridge fully stocked, to give you cooking instructions, and various other things depending on the setup. When it comes to cooking it can read the recipes out loud, or remind you for how long a meal has been in the oven, but now it can do much more. For example, the new app acts as a guide to help cut fish and remove its entrails. In other words, the goal is to create an app that can help the user throughout the entire cooking process not just reading the instructions out loud.

Furthermore, you will be able to keep track of what is available in terms of food supplies, so if you need specific ingredients for a recipe, you will know exactly what should be on your shopping list.

Can It Help You Learn How To Cook?

Cooking is so much more than merely following written instructions. You need to frequently taste the food, check if it needs more salt, or sugar or any other ingredient. Furthermore, you should check if the meal you are preparing needs to stay in the oven or on the stove for a few more minutes. These are the things that the app cannot do, and this is what you learn through personal experience. In other words, the app cannot turn you into a master chef on your first try, but it will help you to some extent, as it will give you instructions to ensure the prepared meal tastes okay.

cooking kitchen food 300x216 - Can You Learn How To Cook In  Augmented Reality Kitchens?To sum up, the augmented kitchen is useful when it comes to teaching inexperienced people how to prepare food. Especially, if you have additional guidelines and reminders during the whole process. It is also helpful in the sense that you can ask which brands of products to use to ensure the result to be more delicious. However, we should think of it like training wheels on a bike, something that helps you build confidence before you can truly start cooking and mastering that skill on your own.