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Fantastic Vegan Meals and Where to Find Them

Are you on a hunt for some vegan-friendly restaurants and eateries where you can have delicious meals? Then keep reading this fantastic guide that will lead you straight to the places where you can eat tofu, kale, avocados, and all the delicious vegan food!

Fancy Radish

restaurant meal 300x249 - Fantastic Vegan Meals and Where to Find ThemThe address of this fantastic restaurant is 600 H Street, NE in Washington, DC, and here you can find different vitamin and mineral-rich dishes that will blow your mind! When you step into this beautiful vegetable restaurant the first thing you will notice is the amazing interior decor – a perfect mix of urban industrial decor and verdant garden will have you reaching for your camera. The best thing about this place is that their menu changes with the season, so you can always expect only the freshest natural ingredients in their signature dishes.

Homegrown Smoker

Who says vegan food is not soul food? At Homegrown Smoker in Portland Oregon you can have tasty vegan BBQ and feel like you are in one of the episodes of Epic Meal Time (only this one is vegan-friendly). Choose your favorite among all the appetizers, sandwiches, salads, burgers, sides and their HGS favorites! A note from a friend: Even though they offer gluten-free meals not all of their food is completely gluten-free.


vegan sushi food 300x256 - Fantastic Vegan Meals and Where to Find ThemDear vegans, if you happen to be in San Francisco in California, you have to check out this place! The ultimately instagrammable food decor, vegan sushi dishes and happy faces you can see at the tables around you will make you want to try all the colorful beauties from their entirely plant-based menu! Do you want art on your plate? Here you can get that combined with all the healthiest vegan ingredients! Let’s not forget to mention their cozy wooden interior with cute little vertical gardens on the walls, that will make your experience even better!


If you are at the crossroads of Melrose and Sweetzer in Los Angeles, you can find this vegan restaurant right at the corner! There are no obvious hints that will make you think this is a vegan-friendly restaurant; actually, many “non-vegans” come by this place regularly because the food is so delicious! Here you can find everything from raw food to baked specialties and guilty pleasure desserts! Once you try the food at the Crossroads, you will definitely make this your go-to place!

Charlie Was A Sinner

vegetables 300x192 - Fantastic Vegan Meals and Where to Find ThemDine at this all-vegan bar in Philadelphia where they serve vegan-friendly pasta, grilled vegetables, pickled goodies, and cocktails. If you feel like going out with your friends, but you would love to nibble on some vegan snacks, Charlie Was A Sinner is a perfect place for you! Their menu is rich with plant-based dishes and drinks you will love! Make sure you check out this vegan restaurant/bar if you are passing through this area!