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Food in Games

Video Game-Themed Food Items

Most of us spend our free time on our PCs;  whether we’re looking for the English version of the offers like Apuestas en carreras de caballos en línea 2022, or for another stunning video game, it’s our nation’s favorite pastime. Video games have been a dominating force for a long time now, and video game enthusiasts are not shy to show just how much they love their favorite games. They often make fan art or dress up as their favorite characters to show their love and support, but did you know they’ve gotten so creative that they are even making food inspired by video games? It is probably the perfect way to combine one’s love for food and cooking with the love for video games. So, if you love to cook, you might find your inspiration in one of your favorite games and if not, you can simply appreciate and maybe try some of these food items that could easily be considered works of art.

Bear Stew from Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 225x300 - Video Game-Themed Food ItemsRed Dead Redemption 2 is one of those games that is so realistic that you even need to hunt and cook or steal food for yourself every day. This action-adventure game is great because of its western inspired theme and realistic characters and settings. Moreover, it has been a good source for all those cooks that love to show off their creativity in the kitchen. One of the meals that came from this game is the bear stew that is made out of venison, rabbit meat, and bear meat together with other ingredients, such as vegetables and flour. The cooking process is relatively easy, but it might take up a bit of your time, roughly around two hours. The recipe is available online for anyone who would like to experiment in the kitchen and try firsthand what their favorite character was eating in the game.

Monster Cake from Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an action-adventure video game that features the character Link who wakes up after 100 years and has an important mission to accomplish. The players are given tasks and instructions, but rather than that they can explore the world however they want, and cooking is a part of it. If you take some of the recipes from the game they might result in a fine meal or dessert, just switch the open fire with your stove for practical reasons. One of those desserts you can come across if you play this game is the Monster Cake that is in reality as delicious as it looks. Although it has the word ‘monster’ in its name, it is neither bad nor difficult to make and it guarantees that the children are going to love it too.

Kirby Macaroons and Super Mario Appetizers 4

knife fork cutlery 284x300 - Video Game-Themed Food ItemsThese aren’t actual meals from the video games, but they are quite impressive food items inspired by various video games. There is almost every video game character you can think of, from Kirby made out of macaroons and Angry Birds sandwiches to Minecraft crispy rice cakes and Pac-Man pizza. Even the mushrooms and the flowers from Super Mario have been made into food. So, if you are nostalgic for an old video game you loved, or just cannot express your obsession for the new releases enough, try some of these character inspired food items, or make your original creation. One thing is sure, you will definitely have fun doing it.