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What are Black Burgers?

There has been a huge rise in the popularity of fast food all around the world, so wherever you go, you can find French fries, fried chicken, pizza, chicken nuggets, burgers and so on. This isn’t news to most people, but what we are going to talk about here might have slipped under your radar and that is the black burger.

What are black burgers?

Simply put, black burgers are burgers with black buns. Basically, they aren’t much different from regular burgers, but they surely look more exotic and interesting. The black buns give the burger a new modern look, which makes this food more attractive. No wonder that people line up as soon as they see black burgers as they quickly get curious and want to try them out.

The rise of black burgers

fast food 300x228 - What are Black Burgers?Black burgers have taken social media by storm since 2012 when they were first sold in Japan. The international food chain Burger King decided to introduce their very new all-black burgers with black cheese and black sauce to the food industry. Since the day of their release, numerous restaurants started taking note of the new and popular trend and began adding it to their menus. Soon after that, with the help of social media, of course, the trend, slowly but surely, started spreading all around the world.

The secret ingredient – activated charcoal

You are probably wondering how the food chain managed to achieve this new look? How were they able to make the buns look black? Usually, when we see black food that isn’t supposed to be black, the first thing that comes to mind is that the food may be spoiled, not edible or at least quite risky to eat. So what is it that makes the buns all black and yet, at the same time, it doesn’t mess up our stomachs? The answer to this question is activated charcoal. Mixing a little bit of this edible charcoal before baking the buns seems to be more than enough to make them black and tempting to taste.

burger black 300x240 - What are Black Burgers?The same ingredient has been used in other foods as well. As we have already mentioned, cheese and sauce can be blackened too with the use of activated charcoal, further increasing the attractiveness of the black burger and customers’ interest and hunger. If you are worried about the safety of eating activated charcoal, you should know that it can have beneficial effects on your health when taken in proper doses, and black burgers surely don’t contain a lot of it and are perfectly safe to eat.

If you love burgers and like to try out new food, black burgers are something you shouldn’t miss out on.