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Eat, Drink, and Play Games – Top Fun Restaurants Everyone Should Visit

Everyone loves to play; after all, we learn and have fun through every game. It also brings a sense of nostalgia, and a chance to compete with either friends or strangers. Everyone also loves having a delicious meal, so having a place that provides gaming experience and food, is a brilliant idea. Luckily, that idea has been successfully implemented in numerous instances, and you can read the reviews for both the games and restaurants all over the internet. Here we will go over the best places where you can have a great snack and enjoy a fun and engaging play session with your friends and family. 

Dave & Buster’s 

billiard game 300x222 - Eat, Drink, and Play Games - Top Fun Restaurants Everyone Should VisitDave & Buster’s has an impressive game selection and a fantastic prize pool. You can play all sorts of arcade games, video games, VR, bowling, billiards, etc. In other words, there is something anyone can appreciate, regardless of the age or the type of games you like to play. To top it all, Dave & Buster’s, has delicious food on their menu, especially if you like steak or burgers. So, if you fancy yourself a pro gamer, and love to win awesome prizes, then Dave & Buster’s is a place to go.

Up & Up

It got its name after the two flights of stairs. To be specific, guests had to enter the building and climb up the narrow stairway to get to the bar. The original place is on Saco’s Main Street, and it somewhat resembles a recording studio. Here guests can enjoy a variety of tabletop board games, or play Pac-Man and PlayStation in booths designated for those machines. The place also serves a variety of different cocktails, wines, and beers, and when it comes to food, there are chicken wings, grilled cheese, popcorn, chips, salsa, and chili.

Bayside Bowl

bowling fun 300x288 - Eat, Drink, and Play Games - Top Fun Restaurants Everyone Should VisitIf you are wondering where you should spend your time on a cold winter night, then look no further than Bayside Bowl. Much like the name suggests, this is a bowling alley, so you can rest assured that there will be plenty of beer and entertainment to go around. If you are famished, do not shy away from ordering an exceptional bowling alley grub, or BBQ pork cigars or a Cuban sandwich. So far, the customers have deemed their tater tots as the best meal option, therefore you cannot go wrong if you decide to order it. On weekends there is also live music here, so you should visit them even if the bowling isn’t your thing.

Two Bit Circus

Finally, if you are looking for a place that is both loaded with the game and meal selections then Two Bit Circus, is the best option by far. Arcade, VR, consoles, karaoke, and loads of other virtual attractions await those who choose to dine here. As far as the food goes, they have an outstanding menu with BBQ and pizza specialties, as well as vegan meal options. If you are low on energy, you can also order desserts or sweet cocktails. Or if you want to chill go for beer or wine, as there is a wide array of both in store.