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Chips for chips: Can you gamble with food?

Imagine a world where food is the money you use to buy more food. It sounds like the old barter system we weren’t around to experience. Does it seem interesting to you? Lucky for us, a rising trend in the world of gambling has appeared that might just make this idea come true. Can you imagine gambling with French fries and burgers? Well, surprise, surprise! Food gambling is a fast-growing trend that’s been gaining ground! Food and entertainment – could you say no to that? The only downside to it seems to be the fact that you cannot use Online Casino Bonus codes in Pennsylvania in this kind of gambling. But where has it come from and how does it work? We are here to reveal the thrilling idea behind it.

The founding father

poker chips 300x200 - Chips for chips: Can you gamble with food?This trend has started with All-In-Kitchen, a restaurant that uses a rather odd way of paying for food. This place uses poker and other types of casino games chips as a way to pay for the food you have ordered. You don’t lose any money by gambling at All-In-Kitchen; rather, you are given the opportunity to win a free dinner! You can enjoy an amazing evening full of fun while having a delicious meal.

The adrenaline that kicks in while gambling probably makes you even hungrier, which adds a bit of spice to the whole experience.

The revolution

French fries 300x225 - Chips for chips: Can you gamble with food?Similar to All-In-Kitchen, The Diner, a popular restaurant in London, has revived this odd way of gambling. The so-called first food casino in the world, The Diner offers you a chance to actually win food with food. Instead of using regular casino chips, at this restaurant you use French fries, or chips in British English, which is a rather clever play on words, you have to admit. You can win a three-course dinner, including dessert, by throwing French fries at your opponents. Doesn’t it sound like lots of fun?

This casino-themed restaurant, combined with the idea of an American diner, started off as a promotion for a 50’s-themed online casino called 777. The idea was to merge the American 50’s lifestyle aesthetic with a thrilling gambling experience. This is why, aside from French fries, it uses burgers for gambling. Many people claim that burgers are something that really marked post-war America and they are food not many people can say no to, especially when you are seated in an American-style diner and you have an opportunity to have all of the food that you want for absolutely no money. If it’s free, it doesn’t have too many calories, right?  

The curtains fall  

cheesecake 300x225 - Chips for chips: Can you gamble with food?In the end, we can all agree that gambling with food sounds like a lot of fun. If you are getting interested in this idea and you want to hear someone’s first-hand experience about how much food, milkshake, and cheesecake you can win at this type of casino, you can do that here. Is your stomach rumbling yet? Even if you are not a fan of fast food, the idea of winning food with food is a good enough reason to visit this restaurant.